Friday, May 12, 2006

Moosewood Restaurant
Sooooooooooo I haven't been diligent about posting. It's currently finals week, which means I need to get my act together and make up for all the missed classes and things. Among other things I've learned this week (but should have learned long ago since this happens every time): don't start on a semester long research paper 3 days before it is due; don't start learning accounting the day of the final; and go to ALL my classes. I will rectify that by procrasting yet again.

DSC_0599.JPGMoosewood Restaurant, founded in 1973, is an Ithaca institution famous for driving the vegetarian cooking movement. It emphasizes natural and locally grown ingredients and has a daily rotating menu. It's similar to Chez Panisse, but with lower prices (and a crappier location). This would be my first visit; I had been deterred by all my college peers' bad reviews, but they mostly complained how it was very vegetarian. I guess they just prefer their burgers.

DSC_0586.JPGEven the menu looks natural. Or maybe it's just the Greek-y type?

DSC_0589.JPGTossed green salad with Japanese carrot dressing

I really enjoyed the dressing. Even without oil, it was very smooth and creamy; it was also quite gingery, garlicky, and vinegary.

DSC_0592.JPGTexas two-bean soup

Pretty much your basic chili-tasing soup. I liked how it wasn't too salty or starchy. There were these really juicy tomatoes that just burst in your mouth.

DSC_0590.JPGTunisian Vegetable Stew - sweet potatoes, peppers, cabbage, tomatoes & chick peas seasoned with cinnamon, coriander & lemon, served on cous cous, topped with grated feta cheese

This dish was kind of blah. The stew was a bit too sweet in general; a bowl of sweet vegetables isn't too exciting.

DSC_0591.JPGEggplant Scallopine - roasted eggplant, portabello & white mushrooms, & multicolored peppers simmered with tomatoes, marsala & basil; served on spiral pasta & topped with parmesan

I really liked the veggies of the entree. Everything was super juicy, and the mushrooms were especially aromatic. I also liked how the sauce wasn't too salty nor viscous. I would have preferred the pasta more al dente, though. Overall, this was a delicious yet healthful dish.

DSC_0593.JPGSeafood Cake - a baked patty with salmon, shrimp, vegetables, and bread crumbs, served with herbed aioli, roasted potatoes, & cabbage slaw

This was probably the best of all three. The cake had a crunchy exterior and a creamy, soft interior. The salmon wasn't fishy tasting from the salmon, since the merepoix helped balance. The aioli, however, overpowered the cake so we just brushed it to the side.

The potatoes were roasted simply with brushed olive oil and some garlic. The cabbage slaw was really good too; the red cabbage was crunchy and fresh.

DSC_0595.JPGVegan bluberry apple crumble

Since I am very fond of certain vegan baked goods (Babycakes!), I decided to try this vegan crumble. The innards were a bit sweeter and syrupy than I expected, but not bad. The crumble had great flavor even with the absence of butter. I was impressed.

DSC_0597.JPGCitrus Greek yogurt walnut cake

This yogurt cake was better than the crumble. It was very moist and surprisingly light. It had an interesting texture without being cakey. The citrus accent was very refreshing, and the bits of walnut gave it a strong nutty flavor. The chocolate drizzle was a bit competitive and superfluous, though.

Overall, I really enjoyed my lunch at Moosewood. Everything tasted very healthful and I left sated and not overwhelmingly full. So, we then proceed to fulfill my muffin craving since I didn't go to Babycakes afterall.
DSC_0600.JPGGreenStar Coop is a natural food store which carries a lot of locally grown produce. I like it because of its wide selection of organic baked goods and the fact that they carry Wallaby yogurt. I bought an applesauce cranberry muffin with lots of texture. I love textured muffins.

Along the way back to the Commons, we passed by several Ithaca-esque buildings.

DSC_0603.JPGMama Goose is a second-hand children's clothing store. It's all very cute, but I don't really see a market for it here. It's one of those anachronistic little gems that would work in a big city.

DSC_0602.JPGThis was a scene that screamed Middle America. I wonder if it's a furniture store..or a toy store? And who's Bogie? It also reminds me of one of those scary toy stores from Are You Afraid of the Dark (best show ever).

DSC_0604.JPGState Street Theater--in sepia, no less!

Moosewood Restaurant
215 N. Cayuga Street, Dewitt Building
Ithaca, NY 14850

Home on Thursday the 18th!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

the walnut cake loooks soooooo damn good. this restaurant would be perfect in the lobby of kings inn, would it not? odd and janky, yet tasty. indeed.

5/12/2006 10:15 PM  
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