Sunday, July 09, 2006

Harris Ranch
Over July 4 weekend, I headed down to Los Angeles for two days for some sun and great meals. Instead of flying, I opted to drive instead--a decision driven in part to visit the Harris Ranch Steak House in Coalinga, situated about 185 miles from San Francisco. Just four miles from the restaurant is the feedlot for the cattle about to be consumed. You really can't miss the smell driving north.

The ranch is quite charming all over. Their gift shop sells some nostalgic American memorabilia, as well as steaks for you to take home.

After a short wait, we were finally seated. With various cow raising equipment mounted on the walls, the decor of the dining room was very "Paul Bunyan." Adding to the beefy ambiance was the clientele, which exuded all the connotations of the average Fresnoan. Anyway, we started off with the salad which comes as part of the steak meals. It was the typical steakhouse salad--average iceberg lettuce, canned kidney beans, generic croutons.

8 oz. Filet Mignon

The filet mignon was divine--tender (a knife really wasn't required) and juicy, with the perfect doneness just below medium rare. The meat was bursting with flavor, indicative of the quality of the beef as well as the aging process. I had been craving a good steak for a while (how feminine of me) and this really hit the spot.

The sides were alright at best. The grilled vegetables and buttered corn were generic; the side of baked beans was so salty I didn't even touch it.

10 oz. Prime Rib - served with creamy horseradish and Au-jus

I also got to try a bit of the abundantly marbled prime rib, which was juicy and flavorful.

I had initially intended to detox a bit for the weekend after a series of flavor-blasted meals, but the trip to LA effectively ruined that plan. If you find yourself driving on the stretch of road between northern and southern California, do stop here; given the other options in the area, you don't really have a choice, now do you?

Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant
24505 West Dorris Avenue
Coalinga, CA 93210



Blogger Andie East said...

Steak and Eggs at Harris Ranch for breakfast is DIVINE. I can't reccomend anything better.

7/10/2006 10:00 AM  

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