Monday, April 28, 2008

wagamama - London
what the hell is a wagamama, you ask? according to site, it is a "willful / naughty child." what does that have to do with anything? i have no idea, but i do know that wagamama, by hungry hedonist terms, means "a noodle joint that leaves much to be desired." when i was in london, we visited a wagamama restaurant. we left with much to be desired.

another vexing quality of this restaurant is the abandonment of proper capitalization. because these days, all-lower case + helvetica = hip.

wagamama ramen: bland, flavorless soup; flavorless fried tofu; barely marinated bamboo shoots; flavorless, bland chicken. i liked the chopped scallions, i guess. can i describe the food here other than bland and flavorless? no.

limp, lifeless noodles. if these noodles were a child, it would be a wagamama.

a salad.


coconut reika - three scoops of diary coconut ice cream topped with fresh, tangy mango sauce and toasted coconut flakes

no, the mango sauce was not fresh nor tangy. yes, the coconut flakes were toasted. the dairy coconut ice cream was actually ok and the best thing we ate that night - because wagamama did not make it!

you have since infiltrated australia, belgium, cyprus, denmark, egypt, ireland, netherlands, new zealand, switzerland, turkey, uae, and boston. Please stay away from New York and San Francisco, thanks.



Blogger Why Edward Juan? said...

My coworker from London told me that to eat in London you have to know the native. Or else everything else taste blend. But that might be a side effect from long eating of heavy american cuisine.

4/29/2008 10:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I ate at Wagamama when it first came to London, it was a good experience, but most first's become something other than.

Wikipedia says, "a more accurate translation of the Japanese word 'Wagamama' would be "selfishness."

Chains do not set out to satisfy the market as such, they set out to make a profit and in doing so create a market. Beyond the assumption that the consumer is being catered to with regards to the brand, the company will adjust its' practice accordingly.

I never buy Starbucks or Maccy D's, or Wendy's or or or....I'm beginning to feel like Wholefoods is infiltrating too.. I don't like this uber mentality, it is so unnecessary considering the resources we have.

Don't eat/drink at chains...forget the exclamation point, read PERIOD.

5/02/2008 6:17 PM  
Blogger jeanie said...

looks like it's as bad half way across the world too. I had my first and last wagamama expereicne sometime last year and it was revolting and a total waste of my money! And this was a branch in NZ...

5/06/2008 8:07 PM  
Anonymous emmy said... people are either 1.) spoiled by over-flavored and unnatural foods or 2.) just having bad luck at wagamamas. im a little perplexed, whenever i go to wagamama's it impresses me. and i've been many places at eat out at least 2x a week.

"limp, lifeless noodles"...what the frick were you expecting...? it's ramen, it's not gonna look like barilla spaghetti...

8/06/2011 8:35 AM  
Anonymous unhip said...

"another vexing quality of this restaurant is the abandonment of proper capitalization"
Apparently you've chosen to do the same with your blog?

8/19/2012 4:49 PM  

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