Friday, April 11, 2008

When in Paris
Ladurée and Pierre Hermé are known as two of Paris's (and therefore the world's) finest makers of luxury cakes and pastries. It is not only a feast for the mouth, but the eyes as well. I set out to make sure that by the time I left Paris, I would not have to crave sugar for a long time.

Pierre Hermé
We arrived at Pierre Hermé on March 20, which turned out to be the day where you get 3 macaroons for free, granted if you donate money to the cause. I guess you don't have to, but you garner a really dirty look from the lady who works there. As with most free things, there comes a line - a really long one that eventually snaked around the corner.

We finally reached the PH sign.

Rows and rows of macaroons. They handle with care.

You get one of the red ones as part of the benefit.

Fruits of a long wait. Although I generally do not like macaroons since they are too sweet, these were macaroons so delicious that I don't think I can ever have another one again without feeling a sad yearning for PH.

We hopped down the street to Ladurée, which has a strict no picture policy. As you can see, I am quite good at playing dumb and deaf, but even then I was only able to sneak in a couple photos.



I chose the most Marie Antoinette-ish pastry possible: rose cream pastry with small cream puffs and a rose jelly center. Light and moderately sweet, this was a well balanced dessert, bursting with rose flavor but subdued so that it was refreshing.

Pierre Hermé Redux
Since Pierre Herme only had macaroons the day before, we decided to return for some pastries. Pierre tends to go overboard on the rose, raspberry, and lychee.

Other wonderful things I didn't get to taste.

The infamous isaphan, on steroids.

The best croissant I've ever had.
I bought a croissant to go, and it turned out to be the best croissant I've ever had. Ethereally crunchy on the outside, with melt-in-your mouth flakes inside, this was light even with the rich almond cream.

Wondrous flakes of fat

Another pastry pilgrimage is in order. Until then, I am accepting fed-exed Parisian pastries, thanks.

Pierre Hermé
72 Rue Bonaparte
75006 Paris, France
01 43 54 47 77

21 Rue Bonaparte
75006 Paris, France
01 44 07 64 87

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Blogger Single Guy Ben said...

I'm not a macaroon fanatic either but those did look really good. And beautiful photos at the other place even though they were taken on the sly. ;-)

4/14/2008 4:22 PM  

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