Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tapaç 24 - Barcelona, Spain
El Bulli announced today that it is serving no meals in 2012 and 2013 but will instead refocus and noodle on new ideas. Unfortunately, it's one less reason to hop a plane to Spain; though, who really needed a reason to begin with?

So, if you find yourself sans EB reservations in Barcelona, you can count on one of the restaurants of Carles Abellan, best known for his acclaimed Comerç 24 and for having apprenticed under Ferran Adrià. Apparently he was hired to work for 15 days but stayed around for 15 years, which tells me he's probably pretty darn good at his job! Tapaç 24 is his casual tapas restaurant in Eixample that employs some of the modern techniques he learned during his tenure at EB.

Gaspatxo l'alfàbrega €4.5 - Gazpacho with basil oil.

Albergínia & Mel €5 - Fried eggplant with honey (unpictured). Delicately fried cubes of eggplant, with a thin caramelized crust from honey. Very good. 

Gambitas €16. The lightly fried shrimp (with all parts intact) was very fresh and featured some succulent, sweet flesh. Simply prepared and quite good.

Coca de recapte €6 - Flatbread with sardines. A creative take on the traditional Catalan food: crunchy bread is spread with a creamy bean dip with tomatoes, then topped with fresh sardines dressed in olive oil. The sardines were high quality, but altogether this was surprisingly bland and just ok compared to our other selections. 

Hummus €5.5.

Entraña con chimichurri €8 - Skirt steak with chimichurri sauce. This was very tasty and my favorite plate of our meal. Skirt steak is grilled medium and thinly sliced; the pieces are then drizzled with hot chili oil and topped with red pepper bits, fresh herbs, and sea salt. The beef packed a ton of flavor and the generous addition of hot oil made this one very addicting.

Tapaç 24 is a fun, casual place that serves up modern variations of traditional tapas featuring some very fresh seafood. Some plates are more memorable than others, but primarily everything is good quality and quite tasty. The cozy space, which centers around a pulsing open kitchen, creates a noisy, lively scene of young expats and locals. If you are still not satisfied by the healthy beer and wine selection at T 24, this politically-minded bar right around the corner cannot be missed.


Tapaç 24
Diputació 269, Eixample
Barcelona 08007
+34 934 880 977

Gran via de les Corts Catalanes 603
Barcelona 08007
+34 93 301 65 24



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful colors. That beef looks great. Obama's bar must be raking in all the cash.

1/30/2010 1:08 PM  
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