Monday, November 20, 2006

Won Jo
That night for dinner, we all headed over to Koreatown in search of some grub. We didn't really know which restaurant was good, but then I saw a name that was a dyslexic attestation to my friend's winning abilities. We proceeded to be seated immediately; about 5 minutes later, a line was out the door.

Clockwise: kimchi mustard greens, lettuce kimchi, beansprouts, mashed potatoes with raisins, bean curd noodles, kimchi clams, steamed greens. The appetizers were very good (and probably the best part of the meal). Under the dim lighting, one of us mistook the mashed potatoes as chocolate chip ice cream. Tomfoolery ensued.

Beef dumplings with slices of beef $8.95

The dumplings were quite large and plump, filled with some lean but hearty ground beef. Flavorful but not salty, the dumplings and soup were great for the cold day.

Haemul doenjang chige - bean paste soup with vegetable, bean curd, seafood $9.95

Flavor was a bit nondescript; it was basically a stone pot with vegetables in chili paste water.

Bi Bim Bop $9.95

One of us ordered the classic bi bim bop, and said it was good.

Overall, a decent but not spectacular meal. Won Jo is known for the good barbeque, but we didn't particularly want our suits to smell like hearty flamebroiled beefy goodness.

Won Jo
23 W 32nd St
New York 10001



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jen, you must return and try the barbecue. Then update your Won Jo post. I want to see the beef sizzling over a bed of red hot ember.

9/01/2008 4:49 PM  

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