Thursday, October 12, 2006

El Tonayense Taco Truck
Ok, I admit it. Prior to this summer, I'd never eaten a taco truck taco, no less consume anything out of a parked vehicle. Timing was always an issue; everytime I drove by one of these I was just too full to eat. So one day, I made it a point to be hungry in the late afternoon to finally try the offerings of these culinary destinations on wheels (some others prefer to call them, "roach coaches").

El Tonayense parked near Best Buy

Carne asada taco ~1.30

Without nearby tables and chairs, I ate this on the trunk of my car, which I enjoyed since it actually felt like summer in San Francisco. My taco was overflowing with meat, to the point I had to brush some off and eat it separately. The beef was a bit less tender than I expected, but it was well-seasoned and hearty. Combined with the salsa and a squeeze of lime, the whole taco was a refreshingly zesty.

And then I grabbed another to go.

Taco trucks are a great asset to San Francisco. Tasty, cheap, and convenient, these trucks could very well reduce hunger for the masses (which I'm sure they already do). Now, if only I could just hunt down that fabled sushi truck.

El Tonayense
14th and Harrison
San Francisco, CA



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Taco trucks rule.

10/13/2006 7:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love taco trucks! But because I am here in my capacity as a Cornellian, I have to encourage you to try Hot Truck and Louie's Lunch.

10/14/2006 10:55 PM  
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Anonymous Rose said...

That food looks so yummy :) Towing a food truck is a very difficult task and requires a well equip towing company. They have to call in the big rigs for that job.

9/03/2014 8:26 PM  

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