Monday, January 09, 2006

Marnee Thai
Had lunch at Marnee Thai on Irving a week or so ago. The food was good, but the service was terrible.

Green mango salad

The salad was pretty good--fresh mango and crispy fried shallots, but I wasn't too fond of the lettuce underneath. Just seemed to pad the dish and not add much texture nor flavor. The sauce was sour enough but too salty.

Pad Thai

I had one of my frequent cravings for pad thai, and this didn't disappoint. The noodles were slightly chewy and the flavor was excellent, along with the prawns being fresh.

Mango sticky rice

This was probably my favorite dish. Mangos were ripe and sweet and the rice was chewy and warm. The coconut juice was thick and made the rice even smoother. I prefer purple rice, but this was really good.

In terms of food, Marnee Thai didn't disappoint. Everything was pretty solid, though I still feel the standard of Thai food is much higher in Hong Kong (Thai Orchid inside Langham Place Hotel is to die for). The service did disappoint, however. Our waitress basically snatched our menus when we didn't order the "pricier" entrees. In addition when we left, we didn't get so much as a "thank you"! Service was worse than Luna Park, if you can believe that.

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