Tuesday, December 06, 2005

NYC Eats
I realize I didn't really vary the cuisines I had over Thanksgiving Break--I ended up eating mostly Japanese. But if there's one place I can't pass up when I'm in the city, it's Lady M Confections on the Upper East Side. Their signature cake, the mille-crepe cake, is one of the best things to ever have touched my tongue.

"No Less than 20 paper thin, hand-made crepes layered with ethereally light and creamy custard." Absolute mouth orgasm. It was even better than I remembered. The crepes were so fresh and soft that my fork just cut right through without any resistance. The cream was just the right sweetness, and the consistency was just right for the heavenly cake.



The counter of cakes. If I worked here, I'd probably die at 35 of obesity.


Sushi from ONY near NYU. The hamachi wasn't too great.

Menma ramen from Sapporo. Basically your typical shoyu ramen, but with seaweed and marinated bamboo shoots. The broth was great, but I was a bit disappointed by the noodles. I usually prefer Tokyo style thin noodles, and these were too thick. But besides that, they weren't springy enough and too tough against the already hard bamboo shoots. The chasiu was juicy and tender.

Inside the Guggenheim. Wow, a non food picture.

A lunch set that somehow included all my favorite dishes. Unagi don with generous cuts of unagi. So juicy and succulent, the flesh came apart without resistance, and the rice was cooked perfectly. I tasted each grain in my mouth, and it complimented the smooth, moist flesh of the fish.
Zaru soba. The soba wasn't as good as Onigashima, but this was really not bad. It was fresh and springy, and with the dipping sauce this was a true palate cleanser. The fresh wasabi went well with the sauce.
Nama tofu. Fresh cold tofu. Simple and delicious. Reminds me of the times I would eat a whole cube of silkin tofu at home when my parents weren't home and there was nothing else in the fridge.

Home in 1.5 weeks!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

two things you will absolutely enjoy in the city - and they are right around the corner from each other:

Momofuku - excellent ingredients, technically precise, & relatively cheap - it's everything Slanted Door should be. my review:

Chikalicious - 3 course dessert tasting menu that rivals Lady M; my review:

- chuck

1/21/2006 4:06 PM  

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