Thursday, January 05, 2006

Colibri Mexican Bistro
During my week at the St. Francis, we all went to Colibri Mexican Bistro for dinner. The place is a Mexican/Spanish tapas place in the theater district, with semi-hip decor but an extensive drinks menu. It got pretty loud through the course of the night though it was a Thursday. There are no pictures since I forgot my camera.

We had a bit of trouble deciding on drinks, because they had a really thorough menu. I ordered the cuevela (sp?), literally a clay pot of tequila, grapefruit, lime, and orange juice. It was really good and refreshing. I hear their mojitos and fresh fruit margaritas are even better.

We ordered a couple appetizers, or antojitos. First up was guacamole, which was made tableside and served with hand made tortillas. It was enjoyable watching the avocados being cut, along with all the spices and vegetables mixed in. It tasted pretty good also; creamy, flavorful, and most importantly, fresh. They also brought us various salsas, my favorite being the mango. The tortillas were a bit soggy though.

Next came the tacos de salmon a la parrilla, grilled salmon, marinated in a pineapple-chipotle sauce served in tortillas. I wasn't too fond of this one--the salmon was overcooked and chewy, and I could hardly taste any pinapple-chipotle sauce. It was also overly salty.

For the entree, I ordered callos de hacha, pan seared scallops served over a potato-corn puree with sauteed green beans, garlic, and epazote. I really liked this one--the scallops were done perfectly, carmelized on the outside but smooth and buttery on the inside. The potato corn puree was rich and creamy, which accented the texture of the scallops.

For dessert I ordered crepas con cajeta, crepes with cajeta and vanilla ice cream. This was recommended by the waiter, but there wasn't anything too special about this one. It was your basic crepe, drizzled with caramel sauce and served with ice cream. The crepes were too thick and doughy for my taste and the sauce was really (too) sweet. The ice cream was your typical Breyer's. Pales in comparison to anything from Ti Couz/Galette, but I guess I am biased toward Brittany-style crepes.

Colibri is a pretty good place for more authentic Mexican fare, but it gets expensive quickly since their tapas are pretty pricy but small portioned. There were some hits and misses, but overall, it was a good meal. The guacamole and drinks are worth coming for.

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