Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Even with finals..
I try to eat somewhat well, though I kill my youthful spirit with double shots of espresso, straight.

In any case, in the past week I had some pretty good eats, the only things that keep be alive with my insane week before I leave.

Green curry at Sticky Rice.

I really had my doubts. My friend suggests this place, so we drove over to a parking lot behind Wegmans Supermarket. The restaurant literally has 3 tables, and no protruding facade--just a window and a sign to designate it as a eating destination. But damn, it was pretty good. Because I have yet to use my digital SLR which is waiting for me in San Francisco, I will only post this picture taken with my shoddy Canon. In addition to this, we ordered a Thai salad, Pad Thai with Prawns, and Purple Sticky Rice with Mango. The sticky rice, not pictured, was the star of the meal. The rice was chewy and aromatic, and they even had sporadic sprinklings of roasted rice in there, the kind you find in green tea. Simply delicious.

Beef bento from Plum Tree

The sushi platter

So I finished off most of this (yes I am a beast). The sushi was really fresh, but what really stood out was the rice. Absolutely hit the spot even in my week of masochism.

Homemade green tea tempura ice cream

I guess you can't really go wrong with anything like ice cream, or fried batter, but I must comment about the texture. The batter was so light and crisp, and the relative "sharpness" against my tongue was complimented by the soothing cold "smoothness" of the ice cream. MMM.



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